Kids Memory Puzzles - Matching Card


Introducing Kids Memory Puzzles – Matching Card; The most vibrant addictive memory puzzle game for kids, preschool, and toddlers ever created!

The objective of this addictive memory game is to try to find the pair of each card on the board. But, Keep in mind that your mission will not be that easy because there are many levels of difficulty and you will have more cards once you increase the difficulty of this new preschool kids game. You also need to find all pairs as fast as you can without using many taps to score the highest possible score. The best thing is that there are many categories that your kids can play inside in our addictive card puzzle for kids game.
Why do you need to download and install truly find the match of each card on your android smartphone or tablet for Free instead of other memory games?

★ Nice ★
✓ The graphics and environment have been selected to give the best user experience and make it an addictive card puzzle game. Your child will enjoy playing.
✓ The game has different levels of difficulties and the difficulty will increase in each one and you will have larger boards.

★ Easy ★
✓ We developed a user-friendly interface to let your kids navigate through our game easily and without problems! They also have a smooth game control that will let them learn to play easily. 

★ Different categories ★
✓ We have a wide selection of categories to let your kids enjoy playing for hours nonstop! The categories that we have are Birds, Toys, Fruits, Vehicles, Vegetables, Animals, and Flowers.

★ Free ★
✓ Download and install this card puzzle game for kids from Google Play Store for Free! There are no hidden fees, no special memberships, and no annual subscription fees.

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