Winni - Mobile App

Android, IOS, UI/UX Design

Winni- a contest winning mobile app

Win Real-time Rewards like money/iPhone/tikits/lottery.
Most people never win the lottery and still bet their entire life. With Winni, each lottery and contest has at least one winner! Our goal is to have fair contests with an algorithm who chooses the winners in the contest. Each contest has it's own entrance fee, starting from 1$ only! You can win many different types of prizes, money, cars, phones etc.. and you can apply multiple times to each contest (with a max times of course), in order to gain more statistically advantage to yourself.

Download our app now, choose which contests you want to participate in and enjoy the many many prizes we are giving away for so small amounts of money, in return of a huge income/prize!
Download Mobile app on android or iOS and signup today.

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